Engels, an exemplary theorist that cannot be separated from Marx

Engels was a great teacher who led the world proletariat along with Marx and the theory of working class. He was from the capitalist class but adopted working class philosophy.

Engels was born on November 28, 1820 in the town of Barmen in the Rhine Province of the kingdom of Prussia (Germany). His father was the owner of a yarn industry. He wanted his son to become his heir. Engels went against his father’s wishes. He opposed the rise of industries, capitalists and their wealth. He mingled with the working class.
He provided the working class with the most incredible ideological weapons needed to change their lives. In 1842, Engels studied the conditions of the pre-industrial working class in England for 21 months. In 1845, at the age of 24, he wrote a book entitled ‘Conditions of the working class in England’. He journeyed with the working class, made deep insights into their conditions and analyzed it in many of his writings. He understood the historical role of the working class. Realizing the importance of economic foundation of the society, he encouraged Marx to study economics. The philosophical significance identified by Marx, coupled with Engels’ historical vision contributed greatly to the theory of classical Socialism.

Engels, together with Marx in his book ‘German Ideology’ in 1844, outlined the historical materialist view, which was the philosophical basis of Communist theory. Engels became a true social ally of the working class, proposing a theory that needed to radically change the society as a whole. He identified the working class as the driving force for social change. The conflict of ideas between Marx and Engels contributed greatly to their mutual intellectual development and laid the foundations for scientific socialist theory. The First International formed with the initiative and in the leadership of the two great thinkers contributed to the formation of a broad communist community. With the common understanding of the two, Engels made some small changes to what was being prepared, and that was ‘The Communist Manifesto’. Engels described the necessity of proletarian revolution that abolishes the existence of classes in his book ‘Scientific Socialism’ in 1880s.

Engels, the leader of the world proletariat, had direct contact with the working class struggles in Manchester since its inception in 1847 until its end. He was an adventurer and warrior who was directly involved in the democratic revolution in Germany in 1848.

The works of Marx and Engels are authentic. Some of the writings bear the name of Engels. One such was the criticism of Duhring that was published with the name of ‘anti-Duhring’. Duhring was a German scholar who condemned Marx in the name of classical socialist theories people into struggles. More people need to be brought into party structures. The youth must be moved towards militant struggles. PLGA should be strengthened. All struggles must be attempted to move towards the same goal. The Revolutionary People’s Committee should be campaigning as the only alternative. Should be increased to their extent. You have to travel towards the goal no matter how many obstacles you encounter.

The working class around the world has a history of heroic struggles. Class struggle is the driving force of history. The same path must be taken today. How struggles erupted around the world after the assassination of George Floyd in America must take its spirit and step forward to build a socialist system that will stifle imperialism.
In our country people have a heroic struggle history. People are real makers of the history. The exploitative classes that resort to fascism and suppress public movements will only shine for a moment. Without drifting towards reformism and sticking on the program, with strong leadership, we can succeed revolution. The path is thorny, complex and long but there is no other go. We should take the bright future into our hands by travelling in this way. With liberated ideology, clear program, unified and strong leadership, we will achieve the target and final victory. Fight bitterly, people are real heroes and victorious.


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