Red, Proletarian and Internationalist May Day! Joint Declaration by the Maoist Parties and Organizations

Resist and fight against the capitalist/imperialist system to advance towards a new power in the hands of the proletarians and people’s masses, socialism and communism.

This 1st of May, the proletarians and oppressed peoples of the world are faced with the spread of the pandemic which resulted in over 130 million infected and over 3 million dead because of the capitalist mode of production, imperialism, its states, its governments, its lackeys.

Already in the past the imperialists had produced many viruses as result of natural disasters, social devastation, nuclear and biological weapons tests.

The pandemic has turned into suffering and massacres because of their system, but the dead are ours. Scientists themselves admit now that governments are unable to curb the pandemic and so confirm that capitalism is no longer useful.

We know that only mass vaccination will partially curb this hellish chain, but there are no vaccines for everyone in each country nor for all countries in the world. In the capitalist/imperialist system, everything is in the hands of multinationals, everything is done for profit, even patents and vaccines are sold and bought on the world market according to the laws of capital.

The top 5 vaccine manufacturers have so far made profits of 60 billion euros and calculate a net profit for this year of another 70 billion Euros.

The pharmaceutical monopolies have their headquarters in and are mainly in the service of a handful of imperialist countries that exploit and oppress the immense majority of the peoples in the world. So far, 80% of vaccines have been sold to this type of country, and in this way only 14% of the world population relies on these vaccines while the remaining 85% have only 20%.

The “vaccine war” is unloaded on proletarians and peoples. Vaccines for the rich and death for the poor, for whom there are not enough. For the imperialist countries there are, while those necessary for the oppressed nations and peoples are lacking. The vaccines from being the hope of the peoples to get out of the pandemic become the reality of profits for the bourgeoisie and a great international business in which the life and health of the population does not matter.

Epidemics and wars will continue as long as the pandemic imperialist system continues, destructive to humanity, environment, society and culture, which is on the death bed and should be abolished.

The pandemic did not provoke but aggravated the crisis of the imperialist system, which becomes more and more devastating. The imperialists, the bureaucratic comprador capitalists and the feudal classes are trying to use the covid19 crisis in their favor, adopting packages of measures to rescue the capitalists and unload the burden of the crisis on workers, peasants, impoverished sectors of petty bourgeoisie. A new global recession is advancing and the debt of big countries is growing dramatically, on the verge of bankruptcy.

Rights of workers attacked, reduction of workplace safety regulations, increase in working hours up to 12 hours, unpaid overtime, denied minimum wage, worsening of labor, welfare, environmental and educational system laws.

Attack on trade unions and on class and combative workers’ organizations Privatization of health care, schools, public services, public enterprises.

Extension of online teaching that distances the poor masses from education and almost turns students into robots.

Hi-tech companies increasing exploitation and their wealth in the hands of the ruling classes, through AI and IT.

Refusal to actually tax assets and finances.

While the capitalist/imperialist economy sinks into the mud of the crisis, the retreat of the economy of the various countries due to the spread of Covid 19, the lock-downs have stalled people’s lives and created enormous difficulties for workers, peasant masses, and other oppressed strata – especially the migrant workers abandoned on the street without food or water, repressed and killed – and impoverished and proletarianized  petty bourgeoisie

The pandemic becomes a further opportunity for a gigantic accumulation of wealth in the hands of few, while there are huge debts and speculation on financial investments.

The pandemic has become one of the main threats to mankind, boosting the tendency to war, the imperialists’ thirst for profits and the environmental devastation.

The crisis erupted throughout world has led to an unprecedented intensification of the fundamental contradictions. The imperialist contention feeds the trend towards a new partition war, with US imperialism in the front row, engaged to develop a new cold war against Russia and China, also to hit and align the other imperialist powers, Europe, Japan, etc., within NATO. USA imperialist and Nato continue the invasion of Afghanistan.Irak,Syria etc, with others Imperialist forces. All imperialists are engaged in wars and agressions in every corner of the world with a further escalation of the arms race. While the masses die of disease, poverty and exploitation, pollution and environmental devastation, imperialists continue to get their rapacious hands on all energy sources, raw materials and all kinds of resources in Africa, Asia, Latin America, originating great waves of mass migration fleeing from misery and death.

In the face of all this, proletarians and people’s masses develop rebellion and resistance in different scenarios and with different features in every corner of the world, from the great general strikes to people’s uprisings, to the anti-imperialist armed struggles, to the people’s wars in India and Philippines, in Peru, Turkey persevere on the road of people’s war and the reorganization of the party and the people’s guerrilla army.

States and governments respond with massacres and repression and use the lock-down as a war against the people, to strengthen their states, developing modern fascism, police State in the imperialist countries and even more in the countries oppressed by imperialism.

This world has to be overthrown. The ruling classes do not deserve, they have no right to continue ruling.

The proletarians and oppressed peoples cannot accept the endless horror of this world system, they need a new world: a new world without exploitation, oppression, pandemics and wars!

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune.

Marx defined in a clear and scientific way that: “It was essentially a working class government, the product of the struggle of the producing against the appropriating class, the political form at last discovered under which to work out the economical emancipation of labor”. (Marx, The Civil War in France).

Engels said “Look at the Paris Commune: here is the dictatorship of the proletariat”.

The Paris Commune with its decrees suppressed the standing army and replaced it with officers  who could be revoked at any time, paid with workers’ wages.

The majority of its members were workers or recognized representatives of the working class who carried out their work humbly, conscientiously and effectively; factories and workshops were handed over to the workers’ associations.

The Commune has shown that the proletariat cannot conquer political power without a violent revolution.

Above all, the Commune has shown that it is not enough that the working class takes over the old machinery of the state, it must be destroyed, because this is the precondition for all people’s revolutions.

The Commune indicates what is needed today to solve the main problems of the proletarians and the masses: the revolution that allows the proletarians to take power and solve them within a few days.

This is the cause for which it is worth to organize and fight, live and die, to put an end to the system of capital and imperialism that gives us crisis and pandemic, exploitation, impoverishment, environmental devastation, fascist, sexist and racist barbarity, governments of corrupt politicians in the service of masters, finance and social parasites, repression and wars.

This 1st of May the proletarians and popular masses must, in all possible forms, in each country and on a world scale, express their utmost efforts to:

– intensify the class struggle, strengthen their instruments of resistance and defense, the class trade unions – schools of war and communism –  the workers’ struggles in the factories, in the sectors of highest exploitation, in the new realities of wage labor: Amazon, riders, call centers;

– strengthen and support the peasant masses in India that today, with  the siege of the fascist Modi’s regime, give an indication to all the peasant masses of the oppressed countries in the world.

– develop the people’s women’s movement according to the line, ideas, and practice of the revolutionary proletarian feminism, which says NO! to discrimination and inequality, to femicides/ rapes and to the denial of the right to abortion, NO! to the double oppression of modern Middle Ages and feudal slavery.

– develop the united front by striving to unite different currents of struggle, to build and strengthen the anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, anti-comprador bourgeoisie, anti-feudal fronts of proletarians, peasant masses, students, migrants, oppressed sectors of old and new poverty.

– intensify the militant struggle against fascism and racism.

– transform the rebellion of the youth masses into a vanguard, revolutionary organization against the bourgeois state.

– join forces for the release of political prisoners and all our class brothers behind the bars in the jails of imperialism and reaction.

– give new life and development to the national liberation struggle in the countries oppressed by imperialism to expel the imperialist troops from their homelands, fighting the reactionary forces in their service.

We should effectively use this favorable condition to overcome the difficult situation of the revolutionary movement and carry it forward.

This huge mass work needs the leadership of communists, the today’s communists, the marxist-leninist-maoists, who, in the fire of the class struggle and in close connection with the masses, starting from below to build from above, construct the parties for the new-democratic or socialist  revolutions, according to the conditions of the different countries in the world.

Parties that organize the real vanguards of the working class, forged by the revolutionary, scientific theory of Marx, tempered by the steel of Lenin’s teachings, serving the people. as Mao pointed out.

Parties capable of criticizing and self-criticizing, of taking stock of the victories and defeats of the proletariat in each country and in the international communist movement.

Parties that get rid of revisionism, opportunism, economism, parliamentarism, pacifism, but do not fall into sectarian, dogmatic forms of backward and losing petty bourgeois extremism.

Without class and masses there is no Party, no revolution, no internationalism.

These parties are able to develop people’s wars where ongoing, firstly in the huge Indian sub-continent, and open the tortuous but shining path of class warfare, revolutionary warfare, long-lasting people’s war leading into a winning insurrection.

Parties and organizations engaged with seriousness and determination on this path need and must unite today, socialize experiences, join forces to unite the proletarian struggles and the anti-imperialist liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples.

Against the international of rulers of the world and their lackeys, it needs the international struggle of all workers against world capitalist exploitation because they are belong to same class in all countries, regardless of the differences of nationality, religion, political ideas, race and gender.

Proletarian internationalism calls us today to realize an International Unified Conference of all parties and organizations based on marxism-leninism-maoism, as a second step, after the initial one of the glorious and then collapsed – because revisionism of Avakian’s new syntesis and  Prachanda ‘path’ – Revolutionary Internationalist Movement – towards the 100 steps that lead us to the new Communist International.

We boldly and firmly affirm that imperialists and reactionaries of all kinds will eventually collapse and the oppressed peoples of the world will win the final victory of the new democratic revolution and the proletarian revolution on a world scale for the victory of socialism and communism.

Long live the Paris Commune!

Let us fight openly and with the right weapons for the proletarian power!

In the present struggle with the view of the future!

Grounded, for a new storming heaven!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Down with imperialism, capitalism and all the reactionary regimes in their service!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

We have nothing to lose but our chains, and we have a world to win!



 Committee for Building the Maoist Communist Party, Galicia, Spanish State

Communist Nucleus, Nepal

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist)

Communist Worker Union (MLM) – Colombia

El Kadehines Party – Tunisia

Maoist Communist Party – Italy

(Marxist-Leninist) Party of Workers-Spanish State

Mass Line (Canada)

Red Road Maoist Group of Iran

Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada PCR-RCP

Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist (TKP-ML)