The question of building an International organization of Maoist revolutionaries: Communist Nucleus, Nepal

RIM was in a state of disintegration after Prachanda and Co. of the CPN (Maoist), took the path of betrayal and,  Bov Avakiyan of  the RCP, US, took the path of ‘post-ist’ liquidationism through ‘New Synthesis’. At such a time, it was natural for the revolutionaries of the world to be active in building a new kind of revolutionary international organization. Although this initiative has been in place since 2010, the formation of a revolutionary international organization is not being formed. In this document we have focused on this aspect.


This year, like last year, due to the Corona epidemic, it was not possible to celebrate May Day as a large gathering, but workers around the world celebrated May Day according to the situation in their country. In this context, statements issued by various Maoist parties and organizations have become a special topic of discussion. The issue of building an International organization of Maoist revolutionaries is not a new issue. This issue has been a matter of grave concern among revolutionaries around the world for the past decade. However, this issue has been the subject of much discussion this year.

After the death of Mao, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement RIM was formed in 1984 as an attempt to advance the proletarian revolution in the midst of the counter-revolution in China. But RIM was in a state of disintegration after Prachanda and Co. of the CPN (Maoist), took the path of betrayal and,  Bov Avakiyan of  the RCP, US, took the path of ‘post-ist’ liquidationism through ‘New Synthesis’. In such a situation, it was natural for the revolutionaries of the world to be active in building a new International organization. It was not only a matter of building a revolutionary center; it was also the responsibility of the revolutionaries to move the revolutionary movement forward. In this regard the initiation of the PCI (Maoist) is admirable.  There have been many meetings among the revolutionaries on the need for building an International organization. In this context, the 2011 conference in Hamburg is of special importance.

Since 2011, the revolutionary Maoists of the world have been publishing joint statements on the occasion of May Day every year on the need for building an International organization. But in the last four years, two separate joint statements have been published instead of a single joint statement. This issue has become the subject of   political concern as it reflects a divided situation.

Although there are disputes over some issues, there is basically a similarity in their views. This year too, the statement issued on the initiative of the PCI (Maoist) has seriously raised the question of solidarity among the revolutionaries and the construction of an International organization. As it says:

”Proletarian internationalism calls us today to realize an International Unified Conference of all parties and organizations based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as a second step, after the initial one of the glorious and then collapsed – because revisionism of Avakian’s new syntesis and  Prachanda ‘path’ – Revolutionary Internationalist Movement – towards the 100 steps that lead us to the new Communist International.”

Similarly, another joint statement titled ‘Joint International May Day Declaration: Unite Under the Red Banner of Maoism!’ has said:

”Through the struggle of two lines, criticism and sincere self-criticism, the Unified International Maoist Conference (UIMC) and the New International Organisation of the Proletariat (NIOP), which will emerge from it, is an irreplaceable step on the road, it is a historic necessity for us to make the required leap.”

Everyone agrees that there is a need for unity among the revolutionaries and a new International organization is needed to move forward by overcoming differences through criticism, self-criticism and ideological debates. Even so, the kind of unity that should have been seen has not happened. As far as the Communist Nucleus, Nepal is concerned, it stands firmly for the unity among the revolutionaries and for the new International organization.

The opinion recently published in the media ‘’ is also a positive step in this direction. As it says:

‘It expresses a call to the unity of all MLM parties and organisations towards a Unified International Conference and supports all national declarations of P. and O in the same MLM camp against all forms of revisionism and opportunism for the advancing of Proletarian Revolution in the world.

It calls to every forms of meetings, bilateral and multilaterals, for developing  clarifications, debates , two lines struggles, in the fire of class struggle and in strict relations with proletariats and mass towards this IC, and for this and in this road supports the proposition of PCI(Maoist) in its Declaration May Day 2021 for an International Forum to develop unity and solidarity among the proletarian vanguards of the world. “

Though the debate and discussion seems to be between some European and Latin American Maoist organizations, ideological and organizational discussion is a matter of necessity for all today. It is necessary to move the debate forward in a new way. Some of the Maoist parties and organizations of yesterday have fled and disintegrated, while some new Maoist organizations have been formed and are working actively. The world situation has also changed somewhat. In particular, globalization and the “post-ists” tendencies are dangerously active against the proletariat and the Maoist movement. Opponents of Marxism have spread the illusions of ‘post-Marxism’ and ‘post-Maoism’. In such a situation, it is natural to call the unity among the Maoist revolutionaries.

In this context, the CPI (Maoist) statement issued on the occasion of May Day has special significance. Although the CPI (Maoist) has participated in a number of joint statements in the past, it has not been able to do so in recent times due to security issues. The CPI (Maoist) has raised very important issues in its statement. Highlighting the need and justification of the International organization of revolutionaries and the Anti-Imperialist Forum, the statement says:

There are two strategic tasks for the genuine vanguard organisations of the international proletariat. The first is to launch revolutionary movements of the workers and other oppressed sections in the capitalist-imperialist countries. The proletariat, peasantry, other democratic classes and social sections in each and every semi-colonial, semi-feudal country must be organized and build and lead national democratic movements. The second is to build a strong United Front of Communist movements of capitalist countries and national-democratic movements of neo-colonial, semi-colonial countries against imperialism and its compradors. For this purpose it is essential of the genuine proletarian parties and organisations to establish an appropriate International Revolutionary proletarian organization according to the contemporary concrete conditions. The Maoist forces must unite with the entire progressive, democratic forces in every country and also with the entire anti-imperialist democratic forces against the worldwide enemy. Both these strategic tasks are mutually related and play an important role in advancing the World Socialist Revolution.”

Similarly, the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has also expressed its views in this regard. A statement issued by the party on May Day has said:

‘In the present epoch of globalized imperialism, the importance of the international task has increased manifold not only for the worldwide victory of socialism but also for the victory of the proletarian revolution in one country. For this, there are two vital tasks the genuine communists must fulfill soon, internationally. They are; one, the constitution of an international organization of the communist parties under the ideological guidance of MLM; and two, the organization of an anti-imperialist united front.”

The statement of the CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) has a clear view about the contemporary world situation and the role of revolutionaries. It has followed the spirit of the CPI (Maoist).

There is no disagreement among the revolutionaries of the world regarding the formation of an International center and the formation of an anti-imperialist front. This is also the spirit of the two joint statements issued on the occasion of May Day, and the Communist Nucleus, Nepal, expresses solidarity with it. The statement of the CPI (Maoist) has a special significance in that too.

The document entitled “Our Stand on the Formation of an International Organization of the Proletariat” issued in 2017 by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is a very important document in this regard. We think it is necessary to study it sincerely. This document discusses in detail from the first International to RIM and Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations of South Asia- CCOMPOSA. It also reviews the role of RIM and points out its shortcomings. It has also put forward its views on the ideological and organizational basis of the new International organization. It is not possible to discuss all of them in detail here, but some serious issues have been raised in it, it is necessary to study and grasp them sincerely.

Currently, the CPI (Maoist), the Communist Party of the Philippines and the Maoist Party of Turkey are waging a protracted people’s war. Similarly, Maoist parties and organizations in different countries are carrying out class struggle in the specific situation of their countries. The party in the Philippines was not allied with RIM yesterday and is still operating in its own style. Even now, his participation is not so certain. As an important part of the party that fought the People’s War for ten years, the fraternal parties have commented that the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist) lacked the kind of activism that should have been seen in building an international organization of revolutionaries.

In the context of the debate itself, we need to be clear on some issues. We need to be clear that today’s Marxism, that is, Maoism, is the result of the overall contribution of Marx-Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. It is not correct to downplay the role of Engels and Stalin in this totality. Today’s Marxism is the sum of all these contributions. In this sense, RIM’s decision to remove the image of Engels and Stalin from the original logo (Five Head), which included Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, and limit it to Marx, Lenin, and Mao, was flawed. It needs to be reviewed.

Some questions have been raised about the role of CORIM in the aftermath of Comrade Gonzalo’s arrest. There have been comments that CORIM’s role was as lacking as it should have been. It is said that some decisions are hasty without serious study. In particular, questions have been raised about the role of the RCP, US. This is also an issue that needs to be clarified. In our opinion, all these issues can be a topic of discussion.  Comrade Gonzalo’s historic contribution cannot and should not be denied. To give revolutionary continuity after Mao, to establish the necessity and justification of Maoism and protracted People’s war are the major contributions of Comrade Gonzalo.  Comrade Gonzalo’s contribution can never be underestimated, it would be a great mistake to do so. We are also less worried about Gonzalo’s prison life. This cannot be a Marxist thinking.

Issues such as ‘Gonzalo Thought’ and ‘Principally Maoism’ have also come to the fore during the debate. ‘Gonzalo Thought’ and ‘Prachanda Path’ may be the views of a particular party, but these cannot be universal ideas and cannot be accepted in this way. Highly appreciating Gonzalo’s contribution and accepting it as a ‘Gonzalo Thought’ are two different things. Time has proved that such a declaration is not correct. Similarly, the idea of ​​’Principally Maoism’ has come from some organizations, but in our opinion, even this kind of idea is not correct, it advocates mechanistic views and idealism. Maoism is the latest development in Marxism-Leninism and should be taken in its totality, continuity and integrity. The ideological aspect is not determined by emotion and impulse.

Even though meetings, seminars and conferences have been proposed for the construction of an International organization, there is no possibility of physical presence due to the epidemic. There is also the question of security for some party and organizations, so it will be better to move the debate between the relatively open parties forward. For this, various means can be adopted.

Of course, the current situation is more complicated than yesterday, but the construction of an International center is the need of today, it must be solidified. In our view, the idea put forward by the CPI (Maoist) regarding the formation of an International Maoist organization can be taken as a basic aspect of the discussion. It is our understanding that moving forward in this mission with the experience of the past and the reality of the present in mind is the right start towards this campaign.

Communist Nucleus, Nepal

May 5, 2021