New issue of ‘People’s March’

The latest issue of   People’s March, the political publication of  the Communist Party of India (Maoist),  has been published

Along with the editorial ‘Covid second wave: life get bad to worse’, this issue contains various materials related to national and international situation.  It’s cover story is related to the historical struggle of the Indian Adivasi people, known as Indravelli  Adivasi Struggle. Other materials are as follows:

‘Root out the traitor Modi’s BJP, who are selling the country to foreign and Indian ( Ambani and Adani) corporate’, ‘Hail the sacrifice of Indravelli Martyyars-let us uphold the 40 years legacy  of Indravelli Adivasi struggle’, ‘150 years of Paris Commune’ . ‘Only by reversing  neo-liberal policies we can save Visakhapatnam steel industry’, ‘People’s upsurge in Telangana -state repression’ , KCR fascist rule unmasked by banning   the 16 democratic mass organizations in Telangana’. “Condemn the barbarious ‘Drone Attacks’ by central and state governments on Maoist guerillas!”, ‘The conspiracy cases of Bheema koregoan by Brahminical  Hindu fascists are fake!,’ ‘Apple Vestron workers in India are in struggle’.

All the material is important, especially the articles related to the Indian peasant movement and the Paris Commune. An excerpt from the essay ‘Root out the traitor Modi’s BJP, who are selling the country to foreign and Indian ( Ambani and Adani) corporates!’ is presented:

After the Fascist Narendra Modi government came to power for the second time, he was aggressively implementing the imperialist, comprador bourgeois-sponsored programs for the formation of a Hindu state. Kashmir is clinging to imperialists who have betrayed the people of the country by taking many decisions like draining autonomy, construction of Ram Mandir, Citizenship Amendment Act, violation of labor rights, curtailment of freedom of the press, amendments in the by-laws, various changes in the Parliamentary Laws, implementation of GST, demonetization. Now he is bringing forward agricultural laws and causing serious damage to Indian farmers. At the same time, he is laying a red carpet for the imperialists, inviting one hundred percent investment in many important industries in the public sector. People from all walks of life are making militant movements against these anti-people, fascist policies. Yet the Modi government is looking to suppress these movements with police forces. Regardless of the militant mass movements, this fascist law continues to be enforced. He is threatening the farmers that there is no point in withdrawing the agricultural laws under any circumstances.

The peasantry must continue the uncompromising struggle until the agricultural laws framed by the Modi government are withdrawn. However, the withdrawal of these laws by the government will not completely solve the problems of the farmers. Therefore, the peasantry, workers, students, women,  races,  minorities,  intellectuals, journalists and democrats who are victims of the laws, decisions and restrictions enforced by the BJP government must fight militantly and bury the Modi government and the Brahminical Hindutva fascism. While fighting against the ruling classes that are holding India hostage to the imperialists, the people of the country must now fight together against the common enemy of imperialism and neo-colonial policies of exploitation. The Indian people will be liberated from all forms of exploitation only by overthrowing the already rotten system of imperialist, comprador bourgeois and big feudal ruling classes and making the new democratic revolution a success.