Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought live forever in the minds and hearts of the working class and the peoples of the world

Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought live forever in the minds and hearts of the working class and the peoples of the world

 The political prisoners and prisoners of war of the Communist Party of Perú before the physical departure of Dr Abimael Guzmán Reinoso, our beloved and respected Chairman Gonzalo, with unyielding revolutionary conviction, we forever reaffirm ourselves in: Learn from Chairman Gonzalo! and Incarnate Gonzalo Thought!, serving the people wholeheartedly.

Chairman Gonzalo, head of the Communist Party of Perú and Peruvian revolution, is a shining example of revolutionary consequence to the end. He was who led the first reconstitution of the PCP, endowing the working class with the needed new type of party, who led the glorious Peopleʹs War, the largest revolutionary social movement Peruvian History, who led the political struggle after the end of the Peopleʹs War, who, as a great Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, applied the universal ideology of the proletariat to the current problems of the Peruvian and world revolution, endowing us with the almighty Gonzalo Thought, our strategic, specific and main ideological weapon.

Chairman Gonzalo, the most important revolutionary political prisoner in the world, with communist integrity resolutely faced torture and absolute isolation for 29 years in an iniquitous military prison without ever kneeling. Maintaining and developing the glorious tradition of transforming reactionary dungeons into luminous combat trenches, he fought tirelessly in the harshest prison conditions, and he is an imperishable example of giving his life for the Party and the revolution.

The Peruvian State is responsible for his death, especially the Navy, who neither allowed his wife to visit him nor allowed her to say goodbye to her beloved husband today. The recalcitrant sectors of the right have even plotted the disappearance of his remains to prevent his from paying tribute. We demand that President Castillo, departing from sinister actions of his predecessors, act democratically and in accordance with the law comply with the delivery of the remains of Dr Guzmán to his wife Elena Yparraguirre. Chairman Gonzalo himself said it at the time of his arrest, pointing to his temple: “If one dies, this remains in others and will never be erased”. That is an incontrovertible truth: his thought and action are immortal.

Transforming deep pain into redoubled strength, political prisoners and prisoners of war hold high the red flag of Chairman Gonzalo and continue on his path, fighting without breakdown for the socialist revolution towards communism, authentic emancipation of Humanity. Honor and eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo, immortal example of serving the people wholeheartedly!

September 11, 2021

National Committee of Political and War Prisoners of Peru