May Day Statement by Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)


The Covid-19 pandemic, which is the consequence of the capitalist imperialist system’s greed for excessive profit, has killed more than five million people worldwide. It is known that most of those who died were poor, without access to vaccines and healthcare. In this sense, the pandemic has once again revealed the anti-human and anti-people character of the imperialist capitalist system.

The true face of the capitalist imperialist system, which is the enemy of the working class and the people, was also seen in the invasion attack of the imperialist Russia against Ukraine. The invasion attack, which was the result of the battle of market between the USA-UK-EU and Russian imperialists and which started with the provocation of NATO, once again caused an arms race on the grounds of “defense”. The increasing contradictions and conflicts among the imperialist cliques have not only worsened the living conditions of the working class and oppressed peoples around the world, but also paved the way for new imperialist wars, including the danger of nuclear war.

Another fact revealed by Russia’s attack on Ukraine was the intense ideological attack and disinformation campaign of the imperialists. The imperialist invasion attack of Russia was once again the justification for the ideological attacks against Soviet Russia and the communist worldview, and it continues to be done. Even though it is known that Russian imperialism has no resemblance to the USSR, moreover, the anti-communist Putin himself openly criticized Lenin for recognizing the Right to Secession in the context of Ukraine, the imperialist bourgeoisie is once again resorting to the propaganda of anti-communism and anti-working class through the mass media it controls.

This reality gives us the task to not only raise our struggle against imperialist occupation and attacks, unjust wars in the streets on May Day, but also to defend the communist ideology, which shows the way for the working class and oppressed peoples to be liberated from exploitation, oppression and dependence; It also undertakes the task of being a strong response to the ideological attacks of the imperialist bourgeoisie and its local lackeys against MLM science.

In this sense, while the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world raise the flag of struggle against the imperialist capitalist system, they must also shout the slogans of struggle against the battle between the imperialists and the imperialist occupation and attacks. May 1 should be the day to defend that we are against the battle between the imperialist cliques and all kinds of imperialist occupation and war, and the day to defend the necessity of just wars against these unjust wars.

We will not succumb to crisis, hunger and misery; The working class and the people will prevail!

The Turkish ruling classes, which are a part of the imperialist capitalist system and moreover its representative in the region, on the one hand, expose the working class and the laborers within the country to economic crisis, hunger, misery and unemployment, on the other hand, they have increased their attacks inside and outside the country. Anyone who is against the AKP-MHP government is seen as an enemy and considered as a “terrorist”. Fascism is afraid of the popular movements that will develop against it and becomes aggressive.

For this reason, May 1 should be the day to shout our uprise and anger against the economic crisis, poverty and hunger that fascism has imposed on the working class and the people. It should be the name of solidarity with the increasing actual legitimate resistances of the working class.

May 1 should be considered as the name of saying stop to all kinds of annexation and occupation attacks by the Turkish Republic, especially Rojava, to stand against aggression against the people, especially the Kurdish people, and to oppose all kinds of national oppression.

May 1 should be considered as the day to shout our anger against the male judicial system that acquitted the murderers of women and LGBTIQ+, and to raise the struggle against patriarchy even more.

May 1 should be considered as the day of organizing against the futurelessness imposed on the youth of the people and “spreading the uprising everywhere”.

May 1 should be considered as the day of solidarity and unity with the struggles of the peasants resisting the attacks, looting and plunder of comprador capitalism against nature and the environment.

May 1 should be considered as a means of standing up to denial, oppression and humiliation against oppressed beliefs, especially the Alevi belief, and as a means of solidarity with these struggles.

May 1 should be the day to unite with the energy and anger of the working class and the working people against the will to break the hope of winning by condemning to poverty, hunger and misery, and the day to direct class hatred towards the right target.

With the experience and knowledge of the 50th year, to the 1 May squares!

The current year is also the 50th anniversary of the founding of our party, the TKP-ML. We welcome May 1 with the inspiration of half a century of experience and consciousness. It is one of the revolutionary duties of the moment to flow into the fields of May 1 with the proper pride of this.

With 50 years of experience and knowledge; Against all kinds of imperialist aggression, against the invasion and annexation attacks of the regional reaction, especially Turkish fascism, to the streets on 1 May!

With 50 years of experience and knowledge; To the streets on May 1 against national oppression and annihilation policies against nations and nationalities, especially the Kurdish nation; Against the oppression of oppressed beliefs, especially the Alevi belief; Against the “male” state aggression against women and LGBTQI+; Against the plundering of nature and the environment for the sake of capitalist profit!

With the experience and knowledge of 50 years; to the streets on May 1 against the conditions of misery, hunger, poverty, unemployment imposed on the working class and the laborers, and against the promise of futurelessness of the youth!

To the streets on May 1 with the militancy of the increasing workers’ resistance and actions since January, the women who filled the squares and conquered the nights on March 8, and with the enthusiasm of the Kurdish people who filled the squares on March 21!

To the Streets on May 1 with 50 Years of Experience and Accumulation!

Long Live May 1!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML)

Central Committee

26 April 2022